Monday, May 07, 2007

Almond dreams

Almond dreams, originally uploaded by julioc.

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Aperture: f/5.6
Exposure: 1/800 sec.

Almond tree flowers (Algarve - Portugal)

The Legend:

When the Moors inhabited the Algarve, long time ago, before there was a Portuguese Kingdom, there was a Moorish King who married a beautiful girl named Gilda, from the North of Europe.

She was so marvellous and beautiful that everybody named her “ The Northern Beauty”, and therefore it was no wonder that the king, a tanned, brave and courageous warrior wanted her for his wife.

In spite of all the festivities in honour of their wedding, sadness invaded the princess Gilda’s spirit. Not even the most expensive gifts from his husband evoked the slightest smile in her face: “The Northern Beauty” was longing for her land.

One day Gilda confessed her husband that she badly missed the fields all white, covered with snow. For fear of loosing her dearest wife, the king had a great idea. He ordered everybody to plant almond trees all over the country, so that next Spring, the trees all bloomed with white flowers.

The good king, filled with love told his wife:

“Gilda, come with me to the highest tower and you will contemplate a wonderful sight!”

As soon as the Queen reached the top of the tower, she clapped her hands and laughed of happiness, when she saw all the fields covered with white, believing it was snow.

“Look how Alah was good to you. Your desires were accomplished.”

The Queen was so happy that soon she had recovered. The sadness went away, and Gilda was very happy with the King who truly loved her. In fact every Spring she could contemplate from her tower, the land covered with white flowers, that looked just like her country covered with snow.

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