Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Coimbra ♦ Sé Velha

Coimbra ♦ Sé Velha, originally uploaded by julioc. © 2008 All rights reserved by JulioC.

Camera: Olympus E-510,Exposure: 1/125 sec., Aperture: f/6.3, Focal Length: 14 mm, ISO Speed: 100, post-processing: hdr

Sé Velha - Coimbra (Portugal)

The Old Cathedral of Coimbra (Portuguese: Sé Velha de Coimbra) is one of the most important Romanesque buildings in Portugal. Construction of the Sé Velha began some time after the Battle of Ourique (1139), when Count Afonso Henriques declared himself King of Portugal and chose Coimbra as capital.

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