Saturday, April 26, 2008

fusilli anyone?

fusilli anyone? ☺, originally uploaded by julioc . © 2008 All rights reserved by JulioC.

Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-Fz20, Exposure: 1/10 sec., Aperture: f/8, Focal Length: 86 mm, ISO Speed: 80

Pasta is an Italian food made from a dough using flour, water and/or eggs. This one is known as fusilli (swirls).

From Wikipedia:
Fusilli, a helical shaped pasta, is usually about four centimetres long. Fusilli is almost identical to another shaped pasta called rotini. They both have a spiral shape, but rotini is slightly larger, thicker and curlier.

Fusilli is often made in green and red varieties, produced by adding spinach and tomatoes respectively.

The Italian word fusilli means "rifle," as the pasta is named for a corkscrew-shaped tool that is used to clean the interior of the barrel of a gun, using a "rifling" motion.

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