Thursday, April 10, 2008

thumbs up!

thumbs up!, originally uploaded by julioc © 2008

Taken in Paris (quartier La Défense - business quarter.

This sculpture is called Le pouce (the thumb) and it's made by the famous sculptor (died in 1998) César Baldaccini. It was made in 1965, weighs 18 tons and is 12 meter high. It can be seen on the far right of the Grand Arche. This shot was taken underneath the Arch, seated on the steps (my legs were hurting like hell...) and it's not as close from the arch as it seems, in fact, I've used all my old camera's focal lenght (378mm).
I think the human element in this image is quite useful in order to get the perception of the real size of this masterpiece.

Its one of my several "street photography" shots, never edited before.ll rights reserved by JulioC. (from my 2005 archives)

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